Toronto Estate Litigation

Toronto estate litigation disputes and retaining an estate lawyer

Toronto estate litigation disputes require the knowledge and assistance of an experienced estate litigation lawyer. Estate litigation can be very complicated, expensive, and emotionally draining for all of the parties involved. Estate disputes often arise subsequent to the passing of a family member.

There are many scenarios which may lead to such a dispute including unequal treatment of beneficiaries, outdated estate plans, lack of testamentary documents, or a will challenge. There are various other reasons estate litigation may arise that are unrelated to a death in the family. Whatever the case may be, if you are facing an estate dispute it is important to seek out the advice of an estate lawyer.

Estate litigation requires experience

Charles Ticker has been a lawyer for over 40 years. Charles entered the bar of Ontario in 1980 after earning his LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1978. He has appeared successfully at all levels of Ontario Courts. Charles restricts his practice to estate litigation, estate administration, and the mediation of estate disputes.

His experience in estate law has allowed him to help his clients resolve complicated disputes. He has administered estates with assets ranging from $250,000 to $100 million. Charles is also a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, and the Canadian and Ontario Bar Associations. He regularly blogs about estate disputes on his blog, The Sibling Fight, and regularly publishes on social media to his Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube Channel.

Toronto estate litigation and estate mediation process

In addition to being an experienced Toronto estate litigation lawyer, Charles is a certified mediator having completed mediation training at Harvard in 2007. Estate mediation is mandatory in many parts of Ontario, including Toronto estate litigation disputes. Charles’ experience and skills in the mediation process allow him come up with creative litigation strategies for his clients. If you are involved in an estate law dispute in Toronto or in another part of Ontario, you should consult with and/or retain an estate lawyer.

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