Estate Mediation

Charles Ticker is a former estate litigation lawyer with over 40 years of experience. He is also qualified and experienced mediator and mediates estate disputes in all areas of estate litigation and estate administration with a focus on sibling estate disputes. Charles received his mediator training at Harvard Law School. His vast experience as a mediator allows him to have an intimate understanding of the mediation process.

To schedule a mediation with Charles, please call: 1 (866) 677-7746

Charles has focused his mediation practice on estate disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Will challenges
  • Removal of executors and other disputes between executors and beneficiaries
  • Will interpretation disputes
  • Losses caused to an estate
  • Power of attorney disputes
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Dependent support claims
  • Accounting disputes

Why elect mediation in an estate dispute?

There are several advantages to choosing mediation over going to trial:

Costs Savings – Estate litigation is very expensive. Settling at mediation can greatly reduce legal expenses.

Save Time – It can take years to get to trial and after trial, there may be an appeal. Mediation can get the dispute resolved on a much more timely basis.

Uncertainty – No one can predict how a judge may rule in any case. Mediation gives control of the process back to the parties .

Privacy – Most Court decisions are reported on the internet for anyone to see. Mediation is a private and confidential process so your private affairs are kept private.

Stress Reduction – Estate litigation is very stressful. Settling at mediation allows the parties to move on with their lives.

Most estate disputes can be resolved well in advance of trial as long as the parties involved are willing to be reasonable. Even if you believe that you should take your case all the way to trial, there are many situations where estate mediation provides a more cost-efficient solution to your dispute.

Hiring an experienced mediator like Charles is vital to your success.


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