Estate Mediation

Charles Ticker is an estate litigation lawyer and mediator with over 40 years of experience. He is also qualified and experienced mediator and mediates disputes in the areas of estate litigation and estate administration. Charles received his mediator training at Harvard Law School. His vast experience as a mediator allows him to have an intimate understanding of the mediation process.

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Charles has focused his mediation practice on estate disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Will challenges
  • Removal of executors
  • Will interpretation disputes
  • Losses caused to an estate
  • Power of attorney disputes
  • Substitute decision maker disputes
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Dependant support claims
  • Accounting disputes

Why elect mediation in an estate dispute?


Estate mediation is mandatory in many kinds of estate disputes. Call estate lawyer Charles Ticker for a consultation: 1-866-677-7746

Estate mediation is mandatory in many kinds of estate disputes. Call mediator Charles Ticker to schedule a mediation at: 1-866-677-7746

The purpose of estate mediation is to allow the parties involved in the dispute the opportunity to settle the matter before significant legal costs are incurred. An independent third party mediator will likely be present to facilitate dialogue and to assist the parties in reaching a practical resolution to the dispute in question. In many parts of Ontario such as Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, and the County of Essex estate mediation is mandatory for many types of estate disputes such as executor disputes, passing of accounts, will challenges, and dependant support claims.

Estate mediation is an important part of the estate litigation process in Ontario. Most lawsuits in Ontario settle well in advance of trial. Many people believe that appearing in Court and having a verdict from a Judge is the desired outcome when a lawsuit is commenced. However, the fact is that the estate litigation process can be very lengthy and expensive. It can take many years of emotional and financial costs to litigate a matter all the way to trial.

Most estate disputes can be resolved well in advance of trial as long as the parties involved are willing to be reasonable. Even if you believe that you should take your case all the way to trial, there are many situations where estate mediation provides a more cost-efficient solution to your dispute. Hiring an experienced mediator is vital to your success.

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Testimonials about Charles


“Charles brings the perfect combination of empathy and authority to his role as a mediator. This is rare in my experience and one that makes him an exceptional estates mediator”

David Morgan Smith, lawyer

“Charles is an exceptional mediator. His experience in estate litigation shines. When I am asked to propose a mediator to my clients Charles is most definitely always on the list. I would not hesitate to recommend Charles to anyone looking to resolve a complex, emotional and high stakes estate litigation matter.”

Jonathan M. Friedman, Principal & Owner, Friedman Estate Litigation Professional Corporation

“Charles Ticker is an experienced estate litigator with an excellent reputation. In addition to litigation, Charles is a fantastic mediator who I have had first hand experience seeing his mediator skills on a matter we successfully settled thanks to Charles. Clients are in good hands with Charles Ticker and his team!”

Kim Gale, Estate Litigator, Principal at Gale Law

“Charles’ experience as an estate litigation lawyer makes him the ideal mediator. He is able to comprehend the issues at play, and draw the parties’ attention to issues they may not have considered. Charles has a calm demeanor, which greatly influences the parties; everyone remains focused on the task at hand – settlement. Ultimately, Charles is a consummate professional and his breadth of knowledge in the areas of estate and trust law is invaluable.”

Joshua Cohen, lawyer

“Charles Ticker is a great listener. He understands the parties, their interests and positions. Charles, also, creates a comfortable environment in which the parties can confidently mediate. I recommend Charles to Estate litigants because, even if the Mediation does not immediately resolve all claims, the parties are put on the right path to a successful outcome.”

Hershel Sahian, lawyer

“Charles was my go-to as a mediator when I practised in estate litigation. Charles’ expertise in the area, his dedication to helping the parties achieve a just result, and his empathy to the parties’ circumstances make him both an excellent lawyer and mediator.”

Holly LeValliant, Senior Trust Officer

More testimonials about Charles are found here.

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