Family Conference

A family conference is a useful tool to ensure that your estate plan is implemented as envisioned.

It allows families to resolve and avoid potential conflicts in advance. This saves time and resources and reduces the likelihood beneficiaries will be involved in costly estate litigation at a later time. A family conference is another useful tool to ensure your affairs are properly managed and to avoid the legal costs of future potential litigation.

A family conference can be organized by anyone interested in proposing or implementing an estate plan. They will consult their lawyer before the family conference and outline any issues that need to be addressed.

The parties involved select a mediator to moderate the family conference. The location of the conference is set. The mediator with assistance from counsel will prepare an agenda of issues to be discussed. The parties involved will be able to receive advice from their lawyers ahead of the family conference on issues that may be troublesome.

Family Conference Process

As in other mediation proceedings, the mediator will foster dialogue and ensure the parties involved follow the agenda of the day. The mediator will faciliate discussion among family members. The parties involved will attempt to address all issues and reach a binding agreement. The goal of a family conference is to ensure that all contentious issues are resolved in advance thereby reducing future legal costs.

Charles Ticker has over 40 years of experience in litigation and restricted his practice to estate litigation, estate administration and mediation of estate disputes.

Charles can be hired as the mediator moderating your conference. Hiring a mediator for the conference process is an important step in ensuring your family’s affairs are organized, potential disputes are avoided, and your loved ones are taken care of.

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